Technical Services


Trylon's expert technicians are telecommunications specialists with years of hands-on experience in installing, testing, commissioning and servicing both wired and wireless systems. Our installers and technicians are vendor-certified and work with all the leading telecommunications products and latest test equipment.

Radio frequency (RF) services

Trylon provides comprehensive RF services - from RF engineering and analysis to network and site optimization, and safety advice and assessment.


An essential part of installation and maintenance of any network is testing. Trylon's technicians have conducted thousands of tests and are particularly skilled at testing lines, connectors and antennas, microwave equipment, fibre cables and even DC power systems. Whether you need a sweep, PIM, bit error rate, RF coverage or load test, or you need to pinpoint a problem, our team of experts have the experience to do the job.


Trylon's field teams and project managers specialize in successfully moving your system from paper to productivity. Our team will manage your deployment and commissioning (whether it's radio, antenna, microwave or other equipment), in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Site optimization

Our field crews conduct a detailed assessment of a site and provide a full report on areas for improvement. Corrections are then made and the system is tuned to optimal values. While on-site, we also conduct a general site review to look for signs of moisture, corrosion, animal damage and other anomalies so you can be confident that you have a full picture of the condition of your equipment.

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