Rapid-deploy Micropole


As wireless data usage has sky-rocketed in recent years, all major Canadian carriers have faced a new challenge: how to increase the density of their network coverage in urban areas to meet the continually-growing demand. Trylon engineers welcomed the challenge and came up with an innovative solution - the rapid-deploy micropole.

This new micropole has been popular with customers and commercial property owners alike. Its compact design has enabled the installation of smaller antennas in shopping areas and parking lots in a quicker, more cost-effective fashion than by using the customary large towers or rooftop solutions. In most cases, the micropoles matched the existing light poles in the surrounding environment - in both color and lighting.

In addition to its affordability, the rapid-deploy micropole is completely installed in less than two days, rather than the traditional seven to 10 days. This minimizes the disruption to the landowner and wider community, reduces the need for tall, highly-visible structures and blends in better with its surroundings.

One of the keys to its success is a new, patent-pending foundation design that can be located in a very small area while ensuring a perfectly vertical installation. The CSA-S37 compliant structural design allows the equipment cabinet to be situated on the pole or nearby, on the ground. The design has been an overwhelming success, with more than 70 micropoles manufactured and installed for clients in 2011 alone. The poles have been modified to meet different client equipment requirements.

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