About Us

Who we are?

Trylon Romania, since 1996, is the subsidiary of Trylon Canada.

Our Romanian enterprise has grown into a long-term involvement in the infrastructure and country for Trylon.

We have worked with a variety of carriers and companies to build telecommunications infrastructure by performing end-to-end services.

Today, Trylon Romania is part of the local industry and key to delivering innovative solutions for our customers locally and overseas.

What are our future plans?

Over the past 80 years one of Trylon's main achievements has been building the capability to deliver end-to-end project management and execution for our clients.

Today we are recognized for our ability to deliver every step of an infrastructure project. This capability has brought us to the forefront of telecommunication infrastructure development.

Thinking that ... life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans...we decide

Back to Trylon's origins!

by coming back to our roots in the wind turbine industry with our more recent focus on green energy projects, both solar and wind energy development.

Our History

The evolution of a leader in wireless communications infrastructure

In 1932 our founding company, The Wind Turbine Company, begins operations in Pennsylvania. It specializes in fabricating wind-powered electric generators, along with the necessary support towers.

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At Trylon, we thrive on innovation. No one is more experienced in the business of innovative telecommunications solutions.

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