Stock Towers

Trylon supplies a range of stocked "lighter-duty" telecommunications towers available on demand through our distribution partners.

Where an immediate solution is required, these pre-engineered, ready-to-ship towers provide a cost-effective solution for light to medium-duty applications.

With many years of use in the field and regular refinement based on customer feedback, Trylon's stock towers give customers the confidence that they are getting truly innovative structures that will meet their needs today.

To find out about the full range of Trylon products that are available on demand, talk to Trylon or one of our distributors today.

To determine which stock tower will best meet the needs of your project, please fill in our Tower Questionnaire.


SuperTitan MAX™

Designed using the same basic modular configuration as the SuperTitanKD model, the SuperTitan MAX features a wide range of heights and options for increasing strength and capacity.

The SuperTitan MAX is shipped in 5.8m (19 foot) sections which can be assembled to a maximum height of 76.5 m (251 feet), making it Trylon's tallest self-supporting stocked tower.

P.E. stamped drawings are also available for this product line, making it a cost-effective alternative to a custom tower.